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I've just launched a new and improved site (not difficult when your last site just displayed "Under construction...") for RickParrish.ca.  This new site is being managed by the GetSimple CMS platform, and is hosted on a $15/yr VPS from RamNode.

GetSimple seems to be really easy to setup and use, and even to modify -- I've already added support for multiple sites in a single instance (source on GitHub here).  I've also created a theme/plugin that implements the Twitter Bootstrap framework, which is what you're looking at right now (source on GitHub here).  That said, the main reason I selected it is because it stores everything in XML files, which means I don't have to try to run MySQL on my extremely low-end VPS!

I plan on migrating the rest of my sites over soon -- hopefully the changes I mentioned above worked and the subsequent site migrations go as smoothly as this first one did!