Random Ramblings

So it's "Every Second Counts" time again on Q107.  And I really suck at this game.  Which is what makes it even more frustrating that I finally know the answer.  And not the answer to a dead simple clip that doesn't have a chance in hell of making it past $1000...I know the answer to a $14,500 clip!

After trying all day today I didn't hear a single ring-tone.  Just busy signal after busy signal.  So it pained me every time I heard someone make it through that didn't have the slightest clue what the clip was.  Did they even hear the clues?  So not that I expect anyone to see this, but in the off chance I get high ranking on Google over the long weekend, and you read this and are caller 107 on Tuesday, here's a couple meta-hints:

Clue #1: is -- based on some of the recent guesses, I think many people figured out what this means.  The thing it refers to has been mentioned A LOT on the Q recently, so while it seems like it's not a lot to go on at first, it really is a great clue.  The problem is people don't know (and who could have until clue #4 was revealed today) that the person identified by this clue is the writer, not the performer!  So stop guessing you know who!

Clue #2: hey -- Not a great clue for narrowing down the list of possibilities, but it is useful as a validation clue.  If the lyrics of the song you want to guess don't feature the word "hey" prominently, then find another song.  (Assuming the word "hey" refers to it's usage in the lyrics, which I'm pretty sure it does.)

Clue #3: Top 5 in the UK -- Again maybe not great for narrowing down the possibilities, since there have been lots of top 5's, but very useful as a validation clue since if your guess wasn't in the UK top 5, you know you're on the wrong track.

Clue #4: Caesar -- I love this clue!  I really think this should be the last clue, I don't think Tuesday's clue could be any better so let's not give another.  I won't give you the logic behind it, but I will tell you that this spicy little clue is what finally clues (har har) us in to the fact that #1 is the writer and not the performer, because #4 is the performer!

Good luck, and don't forget about me when you're picking up your big fat cheque if this helped you win!

I've just launched a new and improved site (not difficult when your last site just displayed "Under construction...") for RickParrish.ca.  This new site is being managed by the GetSimple CMS platform, and is hosted on a $15/yr VPS from RamNode.

GetSimple seems to be really easy to setup and use, and even to modify -- I've already added support for multiple sites in a single instance (source on GitHub here).  I've also created a theme/plugin that implements the Twitter Bootstrap framework, which is what you're looking at right now (source on GitHub here).  That said, the main reason I selected it is because it stores everything in XML files, which means I don't have to try to run MySQL on my extremely low-end VPS!

I plan on migrating the rest of my sites over soon -- hopefully the changes I mentioned above worked and the subsequent site migrations go as smoothly as this first one did!